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Wildesong Spirits Creations, LLC

By, Scarlette  Wilde

Custom Breyer Horses for Sale





Custom Breyer Horses for Sale
My Custom Breyer and Peter Stone Horses For Sale

Please Contact Me for Availability As My Inventory Changes Daily


Etchies by Wildesong FOR SALE
Payments are available as low as $25.00 a month
PAYPAL only. Prices do NOT include mandatory insured shipping.

I am easy to work with. However if you miss a payment or do not make a payment on time, or fail to notify me to work out arrangements, all monies paid are forfeited and model will be taken off HOLD. I understand things come up so please stay in contact if something happens. I will send ONE email after your payment is 14 days overdue to make arrangements if necessary to help accommodate you as "things happen" in life and payments can't always be made on time. After 45 days horse will be taken off hold if I do not receive contact from you and other arrangements are made.



GALLERY UPDATED January 5th, 2015

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