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By, Scarlette  Wilde

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Wildesong Spirits Creations, LLC Model Horse Policy


You must be at least 18 years of age to engage in multiple payments.

Payment Method: PayPal
Layaway using time payments are as follows:
Payments are broken down into three payments.
All orders must be paid in full before shipping. No CODs.
Deposits to hold horses are non-refundable.
Payment more than 45 days past 'due date' forfeits your order and monies paid.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL:  The reason is simple. On Average it takes me, the artist anywhere from 30 to 40 solid hours of painstaking work to finish a quality custom model horse, time that the artist can never get back from working on your custom model horse. Please note: In the model horse business it's not uncommon for people to order a custom model horse, and after three to six weeks want to back-out of their custom model horse order after the artist has invested their valuable time and money in creating the customer's custom model horse.

RETURNS:  Are sales are final except in the event of damage during shipping. Wildesong Spirits Creations reserve the right to replace returned horse(s) with a like horse.  Note: All horses are thoroughly inspected and photographed in HD the same day of shipping as to insure quality control. In the event of a return, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, insured return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

SHIPPING: All horses are carefully shipped and insured with tracking number via USPS. Insured shipping & handling fee applies to all orders being shipped.  All other shipping destinations are calculated for final payment owed. All orders must be paid in full before shipping. No CODs. All shipments are thoroughly inspect one last time and photographed in HD the same day of shipping as to insure quality control.

INSURANCE CLAIMS: All insurance claims must be filed through the carrier that your package was insured with. Insurance claims must be filed with your carrier within 72 hours or else may not be honored by your carrier. Understand that Wildesong Spirits Creations, LLC is not liable for insurance claims.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders accepted by private treaty only.  Please note: There is a minimum turn around time of six weeks on all custom orders. Additional time beyond the first six weeks may be required depending on artist custom model workload, (which is usually heavy) complexity of pattern, size of horse, model alterations and especially paint drying times. Understand that various paints can take 10 to 15 days to fully harden before a custom horse is safe to be shipped.  Additionally, all custom repainted model horses and etches are carefully crafted using a special sponge and brush technique, thus allowing for texture and greater realism.

CRAFTSMANSHIP:  No two etched horses are ever exactly alike. All though natural lighting and world-class cameras and lenses are used to photograph the model horses found in my online store, actual shading of the etched horse once seen in person may vary from the actual photograph.

COPYRIGHT: All images by Wildesong Spirits Creations, LLC retains full ownership of all such photos. Thereby Copyrights of a given image of a given horse are NOT automatically transferred with the sale of that given horse. Images from this site require Copyright permission (in writing) to be used elsewhere. Under international law, there is a mandatory $25,000.00 fine per each Copyright violation. Example: Ten images will be a $250,000.00 mandatory fine, plus punitive damages.

LITIGATION:  By use of my services, you agree that all litigations are to be settled in and governed by the state of Virginia. By using my services, you further agree to give Wildesong Spirits Creations, LLC 10 days upon first contact about a complaint to resolve any disputes you may have before taking any additional action.






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